Thursday, July 29, 2010

The McQuail Family

I recently had the privilege of taking pictures for some friends of my sister, the McQuail family.  Most of the family lives here locally and those who do not were in town for the weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to pull the entire family together for some family photos.  The family asked me to simply capture shots of the family visiting and playing together at the grandparents' home.

Katelyn, Pop, Nana, William, Caroline, and Bryce (in front)

Meet Katelyn.  She is so easy-going and has a lot of fun playing with her daddy.

Katelyn wanted to play hide and go seek with her daddy.  It was a lot of fun to watch them interact.  It's obvious they have a very loving relationship.

Meet William, Katelyn's younger brother.  William did very well during my time with the family.  He is such a content baby.  It was fun to watch him explore the world around him.

This is Bryce, the eldest cousin.  Bryce loves to be in a picture and was always smiling for the camera.  He is very loving and gentle with his sister, Caroline, and both of his younger cousins.

Meet Caroline, Bryce's younger sister.  
She has such a sweet smile and really enjoyed being able to play outside.

Nana and Bryce together.  Nana has such a sweet relationship with each of her grandchildren.

McQuail Family, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet each of you and for entrusting me with your family photos.  I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures and I hope they do justice in capturing the sweet relationships within your family.  I had a lot of fun meeting and spending time with each of you!


  1. These are precious, Ginger! I love the hide and go seek ones! They truly capture childhood innocence and fun!

  2. I LOVE the one of Caroline standing in the yard looking off in the distance. It makes me wonder who or what she is watching . . . it could be a myriad of things. I really like the post processing of it as well - it gives the old fashion feel of a photo I would see in my mama's photo album. The one of Bryce and Nana is sweet as well. I'm sure this family was thrilled to see what you captured . . . the funny faces, silly moments and everyday play. Thanks for sharing these with us:)