Saturday, June 5, 2010

Upcoming Posts

Okay so I know you must be wondering if I've done any photography lately...especially after putting out a sort of  All-Call for Father's Day shoots!  :)  Wait for it, wait for it....YES!    However these shoots were for Father's Day gifts so we don't want to risk ruining any surprises after all of that special planning!  So if you're eagerly anticipating some great shots, :)  I hope you'll check back after Father's Day to see what we've been cooking up for some very special dads!

And there is still a bit of time for you to cook up something for Father's Day as well.  If you think you may like some pictures made, even if only a few, please consider giving me a holler.  I'd love to help you out and you're really even doing me a favor by giving me the opportunity to get more experience! So it's a win-win :) 

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