Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Gilman Father's Day

I've been biting my nails, waiting to post pictures from a fabulous photo shoot with the Gilman Family.  If you don't know the Gilmans, you should, they are a really great bunch of people!  We did the photo shoot about a month ago and Hollie was hoping to get some good group shots that could be used for a Father's Day gift for Michael. We had to work hard to keep it a surprise and planned the shoot on a day that Michael would have a meeting.  Unknown to us, he would throw a slight wrench in the plan by making plans for Hollie that same night too!  {panic!}  With a hustle and bustle in our step, we were able to slip in a photo shoot near their home and have them all back in time for dinner!  It was pretty close though!  Michael, Happy Father's Day.  I hope you love the pictures.  You have a beautiful family who loves you very much! Thanks to each of you for letting me invade your evening for an hour or so. I had a blast!

Meet the Gilmans! 

They are seriously a zany bunch! :)

The kids were naturals!

One of my favorites from the day

Let's all look at Jake! :)  

Mother-Daughter time

Isn't Casey beautiful!  She loves ballet.

Holden had me laughing throughout the shoot with his antics

Jake loves baseball and has quite an impressive hitting ability...seriously!

Happy Father's Day Michael!

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  1. Ginger- he loves the pics. Thanks again soooo much! I am going to give some to my mom too - Shhhh!