Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Tack Shop

There is a beautiful old store that stands abandoned along a main roadside in a neighboring town.  I love every ounce of this building.  It has such character.  Between it's weathered wood, peeling paint and aging emblem, I am completely drawn into this building.  Can you imagine the history that is forgotten within these walls?  As cars speed by, oblivious to its presence today, something about it simply and utterly captivates my attention.  I am sure one day a developer will come and tear it down.  I suppose you can't stop "progress" but I hope it stands for as long as possible in what is the disappearing history and ever changing landscape of our towns.

 Update:  I have heard today that quite possibly this building was recently torn down to make way for condos.  It may just be a rumor but, let me assure you, I will be checking into it!

A Sad Update:  Alas, it is true.  The beautiful Tack Shop, as rumored, has been demolished to make way for a new set of condos in Goochland.  As much as I wish I had more pictures (I only have this one), I am thankful that I snapped this shot while out and about one day in March 2010.


  1. What an awesome looking building... ... sad it got torn down... great photo!

    Kendra @ Creative Ambitions

  2. Thanks Kendra! I am sure I am not the only one who will seeing The Tack Shop standing along the roadside. Thanks for visiting!