Sunday, May 2, 2010

Living Free Images

It is with great joy that I get this blog up and running.  I have always loved to take pictures of whatever I could get my camera focused on.  My husband blessed me with a Nikon D60 in 2008 and I don't think I know how to put it down!  I am addicted to trying to find new ways to capture each moment of life.  It all really started with taking pictures of my two children, but I have recently begun to seek other opportunities to practice and just honestly do what I enjoy.  I enjoy taking pictures of people, places and things but I seek to see past the obvious in order to capture the spirit, the emotion, and the untold or unseen stories.  If you think about it, we each have a story, even an old abandoned truck. There was a day when that truck stood new and shiny.  Perhaps a young family of humble means scraped together their money to purchase the truck they would use to lovingly tend to their apple orchard.  I imagine that purchasing this truck was a proud moment for that family and although that same truck now sits crowded by weeds, mirrors broken, paint rusting and chipped it was once a treasured possession.

I'm not here to make money although that would be nice.  I love to take pictures.  I love to learn all that my camera is capable of capturing, possibly it's greatest limitation being my own imagination.  I love that God can use a simple hobby for His glory, to minister to others, to bless a young family, and to even just enjoy the beauty of His creation while being constantly pointed back to the Amazing Author and Artist of All, the One True God.  So right now, I keep snapping pictures of the people I love, beautiful things I come across and any friends who will let me steal them away for a "photo shoot".  Who knows!  I hope God will use this to open doors for this hobby to be used to be a true blessing to others.  Perhaps to simply provide some neat family pictures or pictures of children beyond just Portrait Innovations (although they are pretty sweet too!). Or why not dream big!  Maybe I could take pictures that will be a blessing to Military families before their loved ones are shipped away to protect our nation and others around the globe or maybe God will position me to take pictures of children with terminal illnesses or those undergoing chemotherapy, to glam them up, let them enjoy life as the children that they are and have a fun filled time hamming it up for the camera like a true star or perhaps to take family pictures of missionaries who are preparing to head to another part of the globe to reach the lost for Christ!  Oh God is so big, I have no doubt He could take this wherever I will obediently and humbly follow.  I know I'm getting more and more excited writing about it, so let's all see where God will take this!  Keep smiling, you never know where the camera will end up next!

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  1. Those are some great ideas! Excited to see what God will do. :-)