Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Father's Day is Quickly Approaching

So, what are you doing for Father's Day?  Did you ever make a little frame out of popsicle  sticks, twigs, sequins or something for your dad?  I remember gluing a picture to a slate stepping stone straight from our backyard, painting on the words "Happy Dad's Day". Genius!

There is not as much hype about Father's Day compared to Mother's Day, so I think dads often get kind of robbed of a well earned celebration.  I want to remind you that Father's Day is June 20 which is quickly approaching!  But I also want to let you know that there is still ample time to set up a time to take pictures that you can have in your hands in time to give to dear ol' dad as part of a Father's Day gift.  Or perhaps celebrating mom and dad is prompting a desire to finally get a family picture taken of the whole gang.  If you're interested in doing that, I am available and would love to take some pictures of the kiddos, the whole family, and whoever else.  Feel free to email me or leave a comment with your desire to put something together!

Remember these photo shoots are free and all I ask is that you share the opportunity with others.  The only cost to you is printing out any pictures you may like, through whichever company you use. I am not a professional but I will do my best to present you with many great images that capture sweet moments and the precious intricacies of relationships in a unique and, often times, a fun way. 

I would love to shoot families, children, those in love, mamas-to-be, newborns, whoever....in your home, an open field, along the river walk, beside an old factory, on an old rusty tractor, in the hospital room, ...you name it and I will try my best to accommodate. 

I leave you with one more new image, in color and in B&W. Which one do you like better?

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